Gin Review ~ Blackwater Wexford Strawberry Irish Gin

On the banks of the Blackwater River, just outside Cappoquin in  West Waterford, is Blackwater Distillery. And here at Blackwater Distillery they are making a gin with Wexford strawberries…

The Gin

Alongside their original No.5 Gin, Blackwater Distillery also make speciality gins including this one with freshly picked Wexford strawberries. The Strawberry gin is produced during the Summer months with strawberries grown locally in Wexford by the Kearns family.

The distillery takes it’s name from the nearby Blackwater river, which rises on the Cork, Kerry border and flows east to Waterford, right turn at Cappoquin, past the distillery and into the sea at Youghal. It was the first micro distillery to open in Waterford and started producing gin in 2015. Since then it has produced award winning gin and is stocked nationwide.

Based on the No. 5 gin, there are 13 botanicals in the strawberry gin, including of course, strawberry. After distillation, more strawberries are added before bottling. I expected the gin to be pinker in colour as the bottle gives  a false sense of that. In the glass it’s only the palest of pink, more a hue than colour.

Photo: Blackwater Distillery
The Taste

As you would expect, fruit is to the fore with this gin. A sweet aroma, but you can smell and taste the juniper, with mild hints of spicy angelica and coriander. The strawberry is present but subtle with the citrus & spice notes.

There’s a touch of creaminess to this gin; it’s soft and light, styled on a classic London dry  gin. For my taste, it’s verging on too sweet and fruity. But on a warm Summer’s day, with lots of ice, I would still certainly enjoy this.

Blackwater Wexford Strawberry Irish Gin
The Drink

Blackwater Distillery has created a really lovely Summertime gin here. Try with a slice of strawberry, a grind of cracked black pepper and tonic. Adding a basil leaf to this G&T would be delicious too. Or you could also sip it neat, on the rocks or use it in a cocktail … Strawberry Gin Fizz anyone?

Blackwater Distillery Gins (Photo: Blackwater Distillery)

If you like a fruity or sweeter style of gin, you will love this and it’s a very pretty bottle for the shelf too. I bought my bottle of Strawberry Gin from Blackwater Distillery at Bloom in the Park, but you’ll find it in many off licences and supermarkets nationwide, priced around €30-€35.

Contact & Information

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