3 Gins to try this weekend…

A short gin review post for the weekend. Here are a few gins that I’ve been enjoying lately and I think you should try this weekend. Thin Gin from Ireland, Brockmans, an English Gin and Deaths Door from the US. All can be found here, I’ve included some stockists below also. So without further ado, read on for some ginspiration!

thin-gin-1Thin Gin

From the team at Blackwater Spirits comes Thin Gin.  Distilled and bottled in Ireland, this award winning gin is made with more than 20 botanicals including Irish grown ones like apple, wild thyme, elderflower along with the more traditional citrus, juniper, cardamom and coriander amongst others. An easy drinking gin in a Gin & Tonic, it’s a refreshing and mellow gin, with a slightly spicy finish.



Brockmans is an English Gin, distilled in a 100 year old traditional copper still and made from a recipe of 11 botanicals. Juniper, blueberries, blackberries, cassia bark, liquorice, lemon peel, coriander, angelica, orange peel, almonds and orris. A smooth and well balanced gin, floral on the nose with the fruitiness of the berries, citrusy notes and a sweet edge. Brockmans could be enjoyed neat but also works very well with tonic and ice garnished with grapefruit. Try it with ginger ale and ice either. Read more about Brockmans Gin here.


Deaths Door Gin

deaths-doorFrom Washington Island in the North West of the US comes Deaths Door Gin made with local botanical including Juniper berries that grow wild on Washington Island along with coriander and fennel. It’s a simple botanical mix but one that really works well in this London Dry style gin. Quite smooth, with all 3 botanicals coming through in the flavours; at first it’s all juniper and a traditional taste, evolving into the spice, citrus and herby finish. Deaths Door gin makes a great cocktail or a dry martini but we’ve also enjoyed it simply in a Gin & Tonic.




Some Gin Stockists in Dublin and Online: