Mini Review ~ Coffee & Cake at Cinnamon, Ranelagh

Cinnamon 4

At the end of our day, an afternoon at Taste of Dublin, some food and drinks at TriBeCa, we took ourselves a little further down the road in Ranelagh to Cinnamon for some sweet treats!

There was a table in the window which was perfect! Although on such a sunny warm day would have been nice to have the windows open… we enjoyed a couple of coffees, espresso and macchiato accompanied by dessert.

Coffee @ Cinnamon
Macchiato Coffee @ Cinnamon

He chose the chocolate cream pie… totally chocolately indulgentness on a plate!

Chocolate Cream Pie @ Cinnamon
Chocolate Cream Pie @ Cinnamon

My initial request had been the pecan pie, but there was none left 🙁 so I settled (happily) for the caramel tartlet… and wow was this good. A pastry tartlet shell filled with caramelly loveliness. A definite treat, not for every day by any means, but so good!

Caramel Tartlet @ Cinnamon
Caramel Tartlet @ Cinnamon

The only thing to request – go a little easier on the icing sugar sprinkling. It doesn’t need to be coated in the sugar!

We loved our little stop in to Cinnamon, it does cakes and coffees really well. I’ve been before for Brunch / Lunch and so on and while its fine, I wouldn’t rush back for that… but for cakes and sweet things, definitely!

Cinnamon | 83-87 Main Street, Ranelagh, Dublin 6 | (01) 901-3020 | @Cinnamon_D6

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