Breakfast at Cafe Zest, House of Fraser

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Hidden away at the back of the top floor in House of Fraser in Dundrum is Zest Cafe. Its actually a really lovely space, with one of Dundrum’s best kept secrets in that terrace. If its a sunny day, its a lovely spot for lunch with a glass of wine.

Back to breakfast, we were early to Dundrum on Sunday morning. We walked down, as we had left the car in Balally Luas park & ride the evening before. Zest was busy enough when we arrived, but no queue thankfully.

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The breakfast menu is nice, The Works is the full thing, sausages, bacon and so on. There’s nice options like the warm salad with black pudding and a poached egg too. It’s quite a typical breakfast / brunch menu – porridge, French toast etc. You can also have scones, pastries, croissants if you’re not after a cooked breakfast. There’s a really good ‘mini breakfast’ too which is a sausage, rasher and egg with toast. We were both hungry and I was a little hungover (I’m blaming Kate from Kate’s Kabin for that!!) so we ordered 2 of ‘The Works’. Because it was before 11am we were able to include tea or coffee into the already very reasonable €8.40 price. Breakfast arrived, sausages, rashers, mushrooms, black and white pudding, a fried egg, sourdough toast and a tomato relish…

The Works @ Zest, House of Fraser
The Works @ Zest, House of Fraser

The only small complaint I have is that it always seems to take a long time for the food to arrive. I know they are cooking it all to order but still, a few minutes quicker to get the food would help. However in the realm of how good the food is, the value and the comfortable setting, its a small thing!


Cafe Zest | Level 3, House of Fraser, Dundrum Town Centre | 01 2991400 |

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  1. Liam dempsey says:

    A really bad experience today. Waited in a queue for over 30 mins, then told upon getting a table we would have to wait another 30 mins for food . Waitress had a big grin on her face when she said this to me. This is not on , seemingly they didn’t want our business today ! Whoever runs the restaurant should be ashamed of themselves, in January you will be more than pleased to have our business if we return. Your response is welcome . If you are open for business run it correctly and serve the customer correctly.

    1. That’s disappointing you had bad experience like this there, we have been a few times and its been good however you should contact House of Fraser / Zest directly about your experience.

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