Gin Review ~ Dingle Original Gin

Dingle Gin

Coming home for this week’s Gin review, to one of Ireland’s Gin’s – Dingle…

The Story

The Dingle Distillery is a small batch artisan distillery continuing the tradition of independent distilling in Ireland. Two hundred years ago, there were over a hundred officially recognised distilleries and by the turn of this century there were just two, Dingle being one. The Dingle Distillery grew out  The Porterhouse Brewing Company which opened Ireland’s first brewpub in Dublin in 1993 and led the craft brewing movement in Ireland. Dingle uses hand-crafted copper pot stills and a small swan neck pot still. The distillery opened in 2012 in the old sawmills on the outskirts of Dingle town.

Dingle Distillery is not only about Gin, there’s also Whiskey and Vodka – but for this we are all about the Gin – Dingle Original Gin.

The Gin

Dingle wanted to create a new kind of Gin and with considerable research and experimentation they did just that. The gin is made in small batches of 500 litres and the style means it would be categorised as a London dry gin but it has a unique character and flavours with the choice of botanicals used. Dingle protect their ‘recipe’ and the secret combination of flavour elements.

The flavours and botanicals in Dingle Original Gin include rowan berry, fuchsia, bog myrtle, hawthorn, heather, chervil, angelica and coriander – locally grown botanicals giving that ‘taste of Kerry’.  It is very important to Dingle that their gin has a sense of place and provenance and you can feel this when you try Dingle gin.

The spirit is collected at 70% abv and then cut to 40% abv using water drawn from their own well, 240 feet below the distillery.

Porterhouse Head Brewer Peter Mosely who leads the Dingle production team describe their Gin – “The uniquely Irish botanicals give a fabulously fresh, floral character that perfectly balances the traditional juniper”


The Recipe

This week we need to keep it simple – Dingle Gin is one to be tasted as pure as possible, tonic and a slice of lime will be perfect, no fancy cocktails or recipes needed for this.

Dingle Gin is available in many independent off licences and also Celtic Whiskey Shop in Dublin 2 –  70cl / €36.99

The Dingle Whiskey Distillery, Dingle, Co. Kerry, Ireland

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  1. I love this gin Carol. Did I tell you we were in Dingle in May and got a guided tour of the distillery? It was fun! It’s nice that we have such a quality Irish gin home produced in Ireland.

    1. It is a great Gin! Pity there are not more Irish Gins about… that distillery tour is definitely on my list to do!!

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