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This week’s Gin & Griddle – The Friday Gin Review… is Martin Miller’s

The Story

First launched in 1999, Martin Miller’s Gin is distilled using traditional pot maceration in Langley, England with botanicals that include juniper berries, cassia bark, orris, liquorice root, coriander, angelica, ground nutmeg, cinnamon bark and citrus peel. The concentrated distillate is shipped to Borganes, Iceland where it is blended with cucumber flavouring and glacial water from the Selyri Spring. Named after and minority owned by Martin Miller, creator of the Miller’s Antiques price guides.

Martin Miller, who died recently aged 67, was a serial entrepreneur and flamboyant character; after co-founding the bestselling antiques price guides that bear his name (making his fortune), he went on to become a successful hotelier and market this Gin.

The Gin

Appearance – Crystal clear.

Aroma – Very aromatic pronounced zesty orange nose with woody juniper, liquorice and light spice.

Taste – Like the nose, orange zest appears to dominate the palate with underlying freshly cracked black pepper spice, juniper and vegetal flavours.

Aftertaste – Black pepper heat leads and ends the slightly bitter finish with coriander and citrus shine also coming to the fore.

The Recipe

The Delmonico

  • 50ml of Martin Miller’s Gin, 25ml Dry Vermouth, Dash of orange bitters.
  • Stir down with cured ice cubes, strain into chilled martini glass and garnish with an olive

Finding  this gin is a lot easier than last week’s gin The Duke! Martin Miller’s is available throughout Ireland including:

O’Briens (in-store and online) – –  70cl / €33.99

Drink Store (online) – 70cl / €39.99

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