The Art of Baking

I am a baking novice… anything I’ve ever tried to bake in the cake / pie / tart  area has never ever worked (bar fruit crumble and that doesn’t really count as a 5 year old could make a crumble). Pastry – don’t even get me started on that! But I so want to be able to bake, I look at recipes and cookbooks and blogs of the most gorgeous cakes and would love to be able to make them. So with trepidation I purchased a book, Like Mam Used to Bake… to see if I could find within me any ounce of baking wizardry. That and being hooked on the Great British Bake off, all the skills I could need… sort of…

Brownies recipe bookFlicking through the book I spotted a few things I could definitely attempt, not too many ingredients, nothing that looks too complex (still hard, it is baking after all!)… and settled on making chocolate brownies first up…

A lot of my issues with baking revolve around the exactness and having to put exactly the right amount of an ingredient in otherwise it all goes a bit blah… when I cook, I might have a recipe (or I might not…) and it doesn’t become a disaster if you add a bit too much or a bit too little of something. Baking on the other hand…

The brownies were declared a success by my chocolate brownie loving husband, they are the type of brownies he likes, no big pieces of nuts or cherries other random stuff in it, just chocolatey loveliness… I’m making them again soon for a work event, I’m hoping and praying it wasn’t a one off and I can actually repeat this feat!


Next up on my baking list is the not so bakey Rocky Road… but think I might try the soda bread, there’s a handful of ingredients, none of that proofing business required, I just might be able to make it!

Buy Like Mam Used to Bake here…


  1. Whisk Warrior says:

    The tips that people tend to leave out (besides exact measurements) is making sure all ingredients get room tempature which is something not needed in cooking due to high heat. In baking the “chemistry” of it seems to be there more. So letting eggs and butter you will use get some of the chill off before using allows them to mix better. Then when mixing the key is to not over mix. Air has a lot to do with how “fluffy” something turns out.

    Glad to see you had success I am pushing forward like you in baking. I will keep an eye out for tips we might be able to share as we both conquer our baking!

    1. All so true… I’m going to keep trying though and I’m absolutely certain there will be some disasters along the way!! thanks for sharing your tips too!

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