Recipe ~ Chocolate Truffles

Choc Truffle Mix

I have at best guess a million cookbooks (slight exaggeration!)… many of which are skinny or low fat type of cookbooks (I try!) and include this one – “Cook Yourself Thin” – it tends to be one I come back to again and again as has some really delicious recipes in it, one of which is for Chocolate Truffles. Now lets not kid ourselves, these are not a healthy snack – they’re chocolate truffles after all but this is different to other similar recipes, no cream, butter or anything like that, just chocolate and lots of it so eat in moderation…

This is a recipe from Harry Eastwood in the Cook Yourself Thin book which you can find here and makes 24 truffles (each with around 50 calories)…they are super easy to make (and eat… )

  • 200g Dark Chocolate (at least 70% cocoa solids)
  • 6 Tablespoons strong black coffee (espresso)
  • 2 Tablespoons clear honey
  • Cocoa Powder

Melt the chocolate gently in a bowl over a pan of simmering water. Remove from the pan.

Choc Melting

Pour in the coffee slowly and with a spatula, stir gently until it thickens, the texture of the chocolate will start to change almost right away. Add the honey, again gently mixing it into chocolate and coffee mixture until you get a very glossy thick lick of chocolate.

Choc Mixture

Choc Truffle Mix

Chill the chocolate in the fridge for around 30 -40 mins until the truffle mixture is just solid.

Choc Solid

Choc CocoaSprinkle cocoa powder onto a clean board or surface. Take a teaspoon of the chocolate truffle mixture, in the palm of your hand roll into a ball and then roll through the cocoa powder until fully coated. Place in a bowl / jar. Repeat until all made! Store in the fridge.

Note – this is messy process, hands get very chocolaty!

And enjoy…

Chocs Jar

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