Saturday Market



Coco MarketWe are lucky to live next to Marlay Park at the foothills of the Dublin Mountains. Each weekend there is a farmers market – Coco Markets – it takes place both Saturdays and Sundays although I think the Saturday market is far better in the stalls, food and variety. Its become a Saturday morning staple for us to visit. We always start with a coffee from Bryan’s Coffee and then we browse around to see what looks good, what we’re in the mood for (it also helps with keeping warm while you wander as its been so cold here!). We never ever leave empty handed!






Veg     Bread     Olives

Wild garlic is in season right now and from The Real Olive Company we bought the most delicious wild garlic pesto – I’m not sure I’ve tasted anything as nice in ages! We had gorgeous pesto pasta for lunch (and there’s enough pesto leftover for Easter Sunday supper later!).


Happy Easter!