The Best of 2015 – Gin

The Gins I’ve loved this year…in no particular order – Whitley Neil, Bulldog, Dillons, Gin Mare, Dictador & Beefeater Whitley Neil – a premium London Gin, “Inspired by Africa, Made in England”, lots of citrus sweetness, a little florally with lingering peppery spice. A smooth, soft and balanced gin. Without doubt one of my all time favourites!

October & November Favourites on Gin & Griddle

2 months for the price of 1 in this blog post! November has passed in a blur of speediness and general busy-ness, as is evident on Gin & Griddle with a paltry 3 posts only this month. Sometimes life and work have to take precedence over blogging and I’m ok with that… but to the…