Gin Review ~ Bertha’s Revenge Small Batch Irish Milk Gin

Bertha’s Revenge Small Batch Irish Milk Gin has been on my gin wish list for a long time now. I was very pleased to see it included in the recent gin sale in Dunnes Stores recently so I happily picked up a bottle and it’s now sitting proudly in my Gin collection!

Bertha’s Revenge Small Batch Irish Milk Gin
The Gin

Justin Green and Antony Jackson established the Ballyvolane House Spirits Company in May 2015 with the distillery located on the grounds of Ballyvolane House in Co. Cork. Ballyvolane is a former dairy farm, now a hotel.

And the name – Bertha, or ‘Big Bertha’ as she was known, was a famous cow from Co. Kerry who died in 1993 at the grand old age of 48. Bertha was a local celebrity in Sneem, in the Guinness Book of Records for her age and as she had given birth to 39 calves. In looking for a distinctive name for their gin, Justin and Antony wanted something unique and with a pedigree. The dairy farming heritage of Ballyvolane, the use of whey alcohol in the gin, and a love of Irish characters meant all roads led to Big Bertha.

The ‘Revenge’ part of the name is about the joy of the gin, after her long years of service. And Bertha’s Revenge Small Batch Irish Milk Gin was born…

Bertha’s Revenge Small Batch Irish Milk Gin

Using whey alcohol from local dairy farms, together with natural well water and locally foraged and grown botanicals, the team at Ballyvolane have created a super gin. Botanicals in the gin include orange, grapefruit, liquorice, orris, angelica, cardamom, cloves, cumin, almond.

Bertha’s Revenge Small Batch Irish Milk Gin
The Taste

On the nose, this gin is a classic, lots of juniper, with the spice coming through with notes of cardamon and cumin, and then the citrus – lemon, lime, orange, grapefruit.  A smooth and complex gin, a perfect blend of sweetness, herbs and pepper. Citrus flavours at first  followed by strong spice flavours with the cardamom coming to the fore, making it quite different to other gins, it’s warming and almost creamy…really something different to other gins on the market today.

Bertha’s Revenge Small Batch Irish Milk Gin

I’ve said it here before that the gins I tend to really love are more on the savoury side, herb flavours than floral or sweet so Bertha’s Revenge really appeals to my taste buds!

The Drink

We enjoyed Bertha’s Revenge in a Gin & Tonic, with a garnish of orange peel. This worked really well, a great pairing of gin and garnish. I can imagine that this gin would also work very well in a simple martini also with a citrus twist, so that’s next to try!

Bertha’s Revenge Small Batch Irish Milk Gin
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    Hi, maybe you could add in that Bertha’s Revenge won the Drink Award at the Irish Food Writers’ Guild awards in March 2017?

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