Gin Review ~ Thomas Dakin Small Batch Gin


The Gin

It’s 1761, and in the north of England, Thomas Dakin began distilling gin. Gin was definitely not as trendy then as it is now yet he persevered. In 1809, his daughter-in-law Margaret became the first female distiller with the Greenall family becoming custodians of Thomas Dakin gin recipe in 1860. 200 years later, a new distillery to meet the growing demand. Destroyed by fire in 2005, the original stills survived and in 2015 Thomas Dakin Small Batch Gin is launched.IMG_7047

Thomas Dakin is a classic gin, juniper led, london dry. Botanicals are hand selected and added by hand to the spirit and water in the copper pot still. There are 11 botanicals including Juniper, English coriander seeds, Orange peel, Grapefruit, Cubebs, Liquorice root, Angelica and red cole. Master Distiller Joanne Moore took the original Thomas Dakin recipe and worked on for over a year to create Thomas Dakin Small Batch Gin.

The bottle is traditional yet modern, a square bottle inspired by the original 18th century bottle designs with it’s embossed glass. I love this bottle, it’s so classic but contemporary with the bright red label.

Thomas Dakin gin will soon be made in it’s own distillery in Manchester city centre.


The Taste

Juniper led, the selected botanicals all bring different flavours and senses to this gin, the sweet and citrusy orange peel and grapefruit, the spice and pepper of the coriander seeds, the earthy and woody flavours of liquorice and angelica and of course the red cole – horseradish, a savoury element.

It’s a classic gin with a twist, that earthiness with a hint of sweet but definitely more savoury, there’s a warming spiciness to it.

The Drink

Thomas Dakin gin makes for a great Gin & Tonic. They recommend to garnish with coriander and orange peel. These really play to the gin’s flavour strengths and enhance it. I’d also try this gin in cocktails, it would potentially make a good martini, with olives again boosting those savoury elements. Or a Gin Bloody Mary – I’ve a post on one here


To find out more go to the Thomas Dakin Gin website or on Twitter @ThomasDakinGin

Available online: Master of Malt

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