The Best of 2015 – Gin

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The Gins I’ve loved this year…in no particular order – Whitley Neil, Bulldog, Dillons, Gin Mare, Dictador & Beefeater

  1. Whitley Neil – a premium London Gin, “Inspired by Africa, Made in England”, lots of citrus sweetness, a little florally with lingering peppery spice. A smooth, soft and balanced gin. Without doubt one of my all time favourites!


  1. Dictador, delicious served with slices of orange, Dictador Colombian Gin was one we returned to a lot this year. The gin is based very much on a Colombian fruit, Limon mandarino, which is a hybrid between a mandarin orange and a lemon. Citrus-forward gin, a little oaky on the nose but then all of the citrusy herby flavours come to the fore.


  1. Bulldog, we recently received a bottle of this as a present a couple of months ago. We last had it a few years ago and it was really great to have it back on our shelf. I love this bottle design. A London Gin that is fresh and floral, quite a classic London dry gin. Hints of spice, it’s mellow and smooth with a strong juniper flavour. I’ve been really enjoying this Gin a lot lately hence it’s made our list.


  1. Because we were able to visit the distillery and talk to the distillers, this Gin was one of my 2015 favourites. Dillon’s Distillery is located in the heart of Ontario Wine country. Their Unfiltered Gin 22 is a classic gin,  crafted in a copper pot still by passing vapour through 22 different botanicals. Lots of Juniper with a woody pine element, it’s clean and smooth.
Dillon's Distillers
Dillon’s Distillers
  1. Gin Mare always features on my favourite gin lists. It’s just that little bit different and unique, made in Spain full of Mediterranean botanicals with lots of herbs, basil, thyme and rosemary. Serve with a garnish of basil leaf or a sprig of rosemary, lots of ice and tonic



  1. Beefeater is probably my favourite reliable staple gin. We always ahve a bottle of Beefeater and often a bottle of Beefeater 24 on the shelf. It works brilliantly in Martinis and cocktails. I’ve enjoyed plenty of Beefeater Gin Martinis this year. I wrote a blog earlier in the year also that used Beefeater in a Bloody Mary which was really good!


Happy Gin Drinking…