September Favourites on Gin & Griddle

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1st October… already! How did this happen, the Summer (what summer!) disappeared and now September too. Changing the format of this monthly post a little – used to be more about the best of what was on Gin & Griddle and making it more about my favourite things from September instead… 

First up a recipe I posted that has got a lot of love, Italian Sausage Pasta – using the best ingredients you can buy, it’s still a very affordable and delicious meal. So good especially for this chillier Autumn evenings.


Another definite favourite from September, Gin menu… we had friends coming over for drinks before we went out for dinner. Decided to jazz it up a little, printed a menu with the gin selection we were offering, different garnishes, and a few nibbles to enjoy the gins with…

Gin Menu - Gin & Griddle
Gin Menu – Gin & Griddle

New art… from Pennys (€6) LOVE this quote…oh so true!


My lovely friend Kate from Kate’s Kabin put up this amazing post – a recipe for Guinness Chocolate Cake – if I was as good as baker as Kate is I would definitely be baking this but think it might be beyond my current skills! Click on the picture to bring you to the recipe!

Photo: Kate's Kabin -
Photo: Kate’s Kabin

Starbucks Cool Lime – not sure if this will be sticking around for the Winter but I love it, so refreshing and has been my go to all Summer…

Starbucks Cool Lime

Sunday lunch at One Pico – definitely a treat but an amazing one, I love town on a Sunday, lunch and a stroll, maybe a wander through the shops and a drink or two. Those scallops though 🙂

Scallops at One Pico
Scallops at One Pico

Another favourite from September, trying my hand at baking bread, this is soda bread so not very complex I know but still I was proud!


And lastly – Gin – Whitley Neill gin… the return of the Friday Gin Review and the chance to win a bottle of Gin over on my Facebook page! Go and enter – competition closes on Sunday!