The Best of March on Gin & Griddle

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A look back at some of the best things on Gin & Griddle during March – Enjoy!

The tastiest of burgers at SoMa Burger Co. in Liffey Valley (I want one now!)…

Burgers & Chips at SoMa Burger Co.
Burgers & Chips at SoMa Burger Co.

Delectable cocktails at Cleaver East… before the launch of Avenue by Nick Munier earlier this month.

Cleaver Main

Make a Bloody Mary with gin… this is my version using Beefeater Gin with Stonewall Kitchen’s Bloody Mary Mixer… lots of ice, celery and a funky straw!

BM Main
Gin Bloody Mary with Beefeater Gin


Potato cakes for St. Patrick’s Day, served with Irish smoked salmon and whipped cream cheese, tasty, homely and full or Irishness!

Potato Cakes
Potato Cakes