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Rain, rain, rain... @ Donnybrook Fair
Rain, rain, rain… @ Donnybrook Fair

We were all set to go out for dinner, planning to take a walk, maybe bus or luas into town for a couple of drinks and something to eat. As we were walking out the door, the heavens opened and it started to lash rain, torrential, sweeping rain! So a change of plan, we jumped into the car, headed for Donnybrook and into Donnybrook Fair to pick up a selection of lovely things to eat and drink.

We picked up a small baguette, a favourite – penne pasta salad with sundried tomatoes and parmesan, a variety of tomatoes, pesto, chorizo, baked ham, serrano ham and parmesan salami. We spent ages perusing the cheese fridge… picking a thick wedge of camembert (planning to bake it), Ardrahan and a Comte. We added a couple of their potato cakes from the deli counter and crackers for the cheese later on. And then to the wine section, where we chose a bottle of sparkling and a Californian Zinfandel, Predator.

D Fair 1

In reality we had enough food to feed a family but it was just the 2 of us…its nice to be able to pick little bits and mix it all up. We did have leftovers and I happily worked my way through them for lunch the following couple days. There’s no denying shopping in Donnybrook Fair can be expensive but the quality of the ingredients and food is there. When you are having antipasto for dinner, there’s no dressing it up, the food is what it is so you can spend a little more. I baked the camembert, just placing it in a ‘dish’ made out of tinfoil, a drizzle of honey on the top and in the oven for about 12 mins and it was melty gooey loveliness…

Baked Camembert
Baked Camembert

A spoonful of the Camembert on bread – I defy anyone to tell me there’s something nicer than this…

Baked Camembert on Bread
Baked Camembert on Bread

The potato cakes were also heated in the oven with the camembert. I like having something warm with the rest of the cold antipasto ingredients. Both the hams – baked and serrano were superb and the salami and chorizo added some spice.

Ham, Salami, Chorizo
Ham, Salami, Chorizo

For the drinks, we started with the sparkling, an Italian Vino Spumante by Valdo.  A very cool looking bottle and the contents were pretty good too, not too harsh, nicely balanced and perfect pre dinner drinking.

The Predator from Rutherford Wine Company, a California Zinfandel is sublime… smoky, peppery and spicy with flavours of bacon, yet a berry fruitiness also; it’s a really great full bodied red wine. It lasts ages as its quite heavy so you have to take your time over it…

Donnybrook Fair |  +353 1 6683556 | 89 Morehampton Road, Donnybrook, Dublin 4 | @DonnybrookFair

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