Fish Shop Dublin @ Blackrock Market

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I had seen a few tweets and musings about this new fish & chips place in Blackrock Market and it had me intrigued! Then I saw French Foodie in Dublin’s blog with amazing pictures from her visit and knew for sure I had to go…As luck goes my hairdresser is in Blackrock, so I made a well timed appointment for 2.30pm planning to go to for lunch at Fish Shop first…

We went in the entrance to the Market off George’s Avenue which is the easiest way to Fish Shop for where its located. Fish Shop is open 12-9pm Tuesday to Sunday.

Fish Shop Dublin @ Blackrock Market
Fish Shop Dublin @ Blackrock Market
Today's Catch @ Fish Shop
Today’s Catch @ Fish Shop

Firstly the shop itself, a very cute, beachy seaside style shack, with pretty bunting across the opening. It’s owned by a young couple who are just lovely. They offer beer battered fish and chips, mussels and on Fridays and Saturday the (amazing) ‘fillet o fish shop’. On the day we visited they had hake, brill and blossom available along with grilled mussels. There’s some seats right at the shack area itself with colourful stools and this part has a roof of sorts. And then there are some picnic benches to the side area. Luckily the weather was fine when we visited so we had a choice, we sat in, rather than at the benches mainly cos there was a cat up on the wall beside the benches (and I do not like cats… !)

To the food – the reason you visit here… there aren’t enough superlatives for what they offer, the batter is light and thin on the fish, not greasy and the fish itself is so fresh and flaky. I had the ‘fillet o fish shop’ as after hearing so much about it I just had to… and he had the fish & chips – with hake. With two cans of diet coke it was €18.50 for it all. Pretty good value I think for what we got.

The fillet o fish – brioche bread from Arun Bakery, with the battered hake, a slaw with apple, garlic mayonnaise, baby gem lettuce…one of the nicest things I’ve ever eaten, hands down!

Fillet o Fish Shop
Fillet o Fish Shop

His fish & chips were perfect – just the right amount of chips with fresh hake in a light beer batter… tasted even better than it looked if that’s possible!

Fish & Chips
Fish & Chips

You can find out more about Fish Shop and their menu on their Twitter and Facebook page… (also –

We will definitely be back (soon!) and in the meantime I’m telling everyone I see about it …



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  1. canalcook says:

    Love Fish Shop, have to make another trip out there soon, it’s been far too long.

    1. We really loved it, such a cute little spot and great food…

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