Mogg & Melzer, Berlin

Kind of a difficult blog to write and you will notice, no photos. More on that later…

This place has been appearing on the go to lists for Berlin for the last while including articles in publications like Conde Nast Traveller and also the New York Times by Pete Wells. Friends were in Berlin a few weeks ago also and had high praise for Mogg & Melzer and their pastrami sandwiches. So I had it on our list for lunch on the Saturday. It wasn’t exactly nearby to where we were staying, located in the Mitte district but we knew we were visiting Berlin Cathedral and Museum Island so would walk to it from there, assuming it would be more than worth the trip!

Difficult enough to find, located in a former Jewish girls school, there’s not a lot of on street signage but we made it! There was no tables available when we arrived but we could see a couple of tables were paying bills and finishing up so knew it wouldn’t be long. About 10 minutes later we were seated and looking at menus. This is where things started to go downhill…

When you enter the small restaurant room, there’s a counter to the left and behind this, the kitchen. It’s a very cool counter top, industrial in design, where the chef(s) are busy making huge sandwiches and salads, impressive ingredients and all in all a food bloggers dream photo! So I took 3 or 4 photos of the counter area, perhaps getting a small bit of the t-shirt of one of the chef’s into the photo. He was certainly not the focus of the photo but seemed to take serious offence to my taking a photo of the food and kitchen area… he didn’t say anything to me directly and I’m not sure whether I was meant to hear and see but I did… all I could hear behind me was ‘so rude taking photos’, ‘paparazzi’, ‘unbelievable’, ‘just so rude’ etc etc etc… you get the idea…

By this stage we had ordered, honestly if we hadn’t, I would have left as I felt so awkward and wanted out. Our beers arrived, we enjoyed them – a beer called Bayreuther which we noted down so we could try it again as it was very good. And soon after, our food – we had decided to share a pulled pork sandwich and a pastrami salad. The sandwiches are piled high with meat of choice and the pulled pork was pretty special… juicy pork, avocado, spiciness, amazing bread. The pastrami salad was good (not as good as the sandwich and I’d recommend the pastrami sandwich rather than salad if you visit!). The sandwich came with a small pot of coleslaw and pickle on the side. Simple presentation with all the focus on the quality of the ingredients and it definitely delivers.

All the time we were eating, the criticism about photo taking went on behind me from the kitchen which I could hear – I don’t think I’ve ever eaten and drank so quickly just to get out of there.

I certainly didn’t mean to cause any offense, I was excited to be there at this cool deli restaurant which has been creating such a buzz and I wanted to photograph the food and display – maybe I should have asked permission? Is that the right protocol? Or if they don’t want photos to be taken, should there be some sign up…? I don’t know really what the right answer is – I know I didn’t enjoy my lunch and felt like I had done something so bad by taking a picture… appreciate any thoughts here…

In the meantime, I’d say Mogg & Melzer is producing really great food, service is a bit so-so  but that’s part of the vibe really and doesn’t take away from it. Nice beer, good wine options, fabulous sandwiches and quite reasonably priced. Just don’t take photos!

Also note – no Visa / Mastercard accepted – just maestro so bring cash or suitable card!


Mogg & Melzer | Augusrstr. 11-13, 10117 Berlin | | T: +49  (0)30 330 060 770


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