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Caorunn Bottle

The Friday Gin Review is in… and this week we are across the water to our Celtic neighbours in Scotland for Caorunn Gin…

The Story

Caorunn is a small batch Scottish Gin, handcrafted at Balmenach Distillery, a malt whiskey distillery in the Speyside region of the Scottish highlands.The name is pronounced ‘ka-roon’ as it says on its bottle…Caorunn is the Gaelic word for rowan.

The bottle is beautiful, clear glass with 5 sides representing the 5 Celtic botanicals, a simple design. The 5 botanicals are also referenced by the red asterisk symbol which is the main logo for this Gin. It’s a stylish design and would be a great addition to any drinks cabinet.


The Gin

Inspired by Celtic tradition, infused in a copper berry chamber using 6 traditional (Juniper, Coriander, Lemon peel, Orange peel, Angelica root and Cassia bark) and uniquely, 5 Celtic botanicals:

  • Rowan Berry
  • Heather
  • Bog Myrtle
  • Dandelion
  • Coul Blush Apple

and distilled with pure Scottish water. The first aroma is the Juniper with a fruitiness – Rowan and Apple that follows. It is a light, clean and crisp gin with a long dry finish, quite mellow. Caorunn Gin is crisp and fresh gin very versatile and easy drinking.

Caorunn suggest serving their gin with slices of red apple to enhance the clean and invigorating taste of their gin. 

AppleSmashThe Recipe

A signature cocktail – the Caorunn Apple Smash

  • 50ml Caorunn Gin
  • 200ml tonic water
  • 1/4 Red apple
  • 1/4 Green apple
  • 2 Cloves
  • Sliced red and green apples

Muddle the quartered apples into the gin in a cocktail shaker. Add the cloves and shake hard until cold. Strain over cubed ice and top up with tonic water. Serve in a sling glass and garnish with sliced red and green apples

In Ireland – Caorunn Gin is available in Harvey Nichols and the Celtic Whiskey Shop / €41.99 – 70cl – 41.8% volume. I’m sure it can also be found in other independent off licences. You can also buy online on Caorunn’s own site –

@CaorunnGin /

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