Gin Review ~ The Duke


So week two of our new feature here on Gin & Griddle – The Friday Gin Review…this week is The Duke!

The Story

Founded in 2009, The Duke is an organic Gin created in small batches from Germany. Batch numbers are printed on each bottle. The Duke in question was the Duke of Bavaria, who was instrumental in the founding of Munich in 1158. Fittingly, the Duke Munich Dry Gin is distilled in the city itself. I purchased it during a business trip to Munich and have found it to be an excellent Gin.

During a Gin tasting we held before Christmas it came out as the most liked amongst stiff competition of both boutique and commercial British and Irish Gin competitors. Wining out against 7 competitors with huge praise, suggests this is one worth a try for all Gin lovers…

The GinGin / The Duke Munich Dry Gin

Appearance – Crystal clear.

Aroma – Aggressive eucalyptus/juniper nose with green pine needles, cracked coriander seeds and violet blossom.

Taste – Slightly sweet palma violet and juniper palate with a soft mouthfeel – in fact soft in flavour as well.

Aftertaste – Sweet, floral finish with lasting violet and sweet liquorice

The Recipe

This is a simple and traditional Gin, yet with complex notes, so suits a simple presentation. A soft flavoured tonic (e.g. Schweppes Diet) and a slice of lemon, simple perfection…

Now for the tough bit – the stockists! From my research, Duke Gin is only available in Germany  however don’t let this put you off. Rather, put a mental note, watch for a friend or colleague heading to Germany and put in your order – its well worth it…!

The Duke Gin –