Platform Pizza Bar, Bray

Platform Outside

We find ourselves eating out in Bray now and again as my father in law lives nearby. He had been full of praise for a pizza restaurant called Platform Pizza and was a regular visitor so we decided to check it out for ourselves with him recently.

Platform Bathrooms

First off, I love the look – the industrial styling and feel, open busy kitchen, and most of all the entrance to the bathrooms through a wardrobe! The restaurant is quite dark, low lighting and candles (hence not wonderful photos!) and was very busy when we arrived which created a nice ambience and atmosphere. However the fun kind of stopped there, we arrived on time for our reservation, to be told that the table booked (in an alcove) had been reallocated to a party of 6 (we were 4), this is absolutely fine if they had an alternative table ready… with no table, we took stools at the open kitchen / bar area to have a drink. We ordered one of the bolognese flatbreads to tide us over til a table was ready. About 30 minutes later we were seated… so not the best of starts!

Platform Kitchen

The menu consists of small bites, chicken wings, flatbreads, salads, pizzas and other mains. We decided to go for the wings to start and ordered 2 portions of the bootleg Kansas city style wings… I expected proper delicious juicy wings and what we got was not that, reheated, gloopy sauce, not very tasty, would skip them next time.

Platform Wings

We had high hopes for the mains! I ordered pizza cos I was in a pizza restaurant!! Goats cheese, mozzarella, pancetta, walnuts and maple syrup. Husband also went with pizza – smoked chicken, blue cheese, onion, basil. The pizzas were thin and crispy but lacking in toppings… I think there was about 3 walnuts in total on my pizza… maybe we got Platform on a bad night… the smoked chicken was pretty few and far between on the other pizza also!

Platform Pizza

Platform FishOur dining companions both went for the fish for mains, served on the bone with fried potatoes and asparagus, beautifully presented and tasted delicious. The fish was a winner!  There was a lot of waiting around for drink orders and the like; it seemed to me like the manager had just lost track that night and all the staff were struggling to keep up with tables, orders and serving.

Having read other reviews and knowing people who are regulars I think we may have just been unlucky with the different things that went wrong so I’d like to revisit, if even for the bathroom entrance alone, so cool!

Platform Inside

7 Strand Rd, Bray

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