Gin & Griddle’s take on Ireland’s Michelin Stars

Recently the michelin stars were revealed… these are Ireland finest and best restaurants, according to the powers that be at the Michelin Guide. Some I love, most I agree with and there are some questions over omitted restaurants…



I am very lucky to have been to nearly all the restaurants on this list, I even got married in one! We had our wedding 3 years ago in Mount Juliet and our meal was in The Lady Helen… quite special…(and yes our tables were named after Italian car manufacturers!)

Wedding Table




The Cliff House Hotel in Ardmore is one of the nicest spots in Ireland, the water, the beach, the lovely rooms and the restaurant. And the spa / pool… heaven! Take me back… even in the rain it is pretty…

Cliff House

While I have had lunch at Patrick Guilbaud’s, yet to go for dinner, it’s on the list but not top of it…L’Ecrivain has a certain something about it, its far nicer now than it used to be, as it always seemed to have suits and corporate people and therefore not a great atmosphere. Now I find it more relaxed in ambiance but the food and service is equally as good (just try not to be seated in one of the little side rooms, I prefer being in the main part!). Recently I visited Thorntons and was pleasantly surprised. I had a preconception about it but definitely wrong… I loved the dining room, so spacious and with a really nice atmosphere. For me the setting and the room itself plays a really big role, one of the reason’s I’m not crazy about Guilbaud’s as it just so bright! The food in Thorntons was spectacular, the Chef, Kevin Thornton, comes around the tables which is not something you see that much now. When we were leaving he was also leaving, so we shared the lift down with him, friendly & nice, who would have thought!

I would really like to live in or near Malahide for the place that is bon appétit – I love it all, the restaurant, the brasserie and the wine bar / tapas bar… it’s just so far from where I live that it’s not possible to visit often! I think Oliver Dunner has really struck the balance here between fine dining without being stuffy and then having the other options for more relaxed food and drink in the brasserie and the bar. I could happily while away a few hours here.

Despite having opportunity, for one reason or another I haven’t managed to visit Chapter One yet… I know… something always seems to come up and it doesn’t happen for me. I will make it happen soon!

I’m not surprised that Locks lost it’s star – I wrote about Locks on Gin & Griddle. It’s unusual for a restaurant to lose a star after just one year but I could see this one coming. The real surprise is leaving out The Greenhouse, that I just can’t understand. When a chef is producing faultless dishes like these, its hard to fathom.

Greenhouse 1Greenhouse 2Greenhouse 3

Ananda is the other one – the food is sublime, maybe the fact that it is in a shopping centre in a suburb is counting against it but I’d love to see an ethnic restaurant in Ireland awarded a star… maybe next year!

So really the end result is I need to go on a roadtrip, mostly to Kilkenny (Campagne and the Lady Helen), Ardmore (House) and Galway (Aniar) … anyone want to join me … ?

Also awarded  -11 Bin Gourmands to:

  • Courthouse – Carrickmacross, Monaghan
  • Deasys – Clonakilty, Cork
  • Sha Roe Bistro – Clonegall. Carlow
  • Chart House – Dingle, Kerry
  • PIchet – Dublin
  • Pig’s Ear – Dublin
  • Downstairs – Dublin
  • Aldridge Lodge – Duncannon, Wexford
  • Fishy Fishy Cafe – Kinsale, Cork
  • Wild Honey Inn – Lisdoonvarna, Clare
  • Brasserie at bon appétit – Dublin