Brunch at The First Floor Brasserie, Harvey Nichols

Bloody Mary


The First Floor Brasserie is on the top floor of Harvey Nichols, Dundrum; get a table at the window so you can look out over the fountains and outside area as people mill around, great people watching from up there. On our visit for brunch we arrived at exactly 12, so we were the first people there and got a lovely window table. Menus delivered, and coffees ordered to start us off, we looked over what was on offer. The brunch menu is reasonably small but has good choice of different things, from the traditional breakfast, egg dishes to more substantial ‘lunchy’ options like steak. We were both thinking breakfast/brunch so decided on the eggs benedict. I also added a bloody mary to my order, cos you know, why not…

Bread arrived to start, which we happily ate with our espressos. The Bloody Mary was ginormous but nice… the eggs were delicious, perfectly runny with crispy prosciutto on an english muffin, generous dollops of hollandaise sauce all over and served with rocket salad in between.



We felt we weren’t quite satisfied at that so shared a lemon tart to finish…didn’t love this but for something sweet to end it was nice.

Lemon Tart

I really like Harvey Nichols Brasserie (at any time of the day really – brunch, lunch, dinner…) , notwithstanding the lack of ambiance & atmosphere it can have at times when it’s not that busy so you can lucky or unlucky in that regard.  I’ll definitely be back for brunch though as it’s the perfect place to while away a couple of hours on a weekend day.

Pass the cocktail menu…Enjoy!