No Occasion… Just Because…

Along with loving food and cooking, I’m quite fond of red wine (too fond maybe?!) – and now and again we have bought more interesting wines, that are more than we would normally pay, to keep for that elusive ‘special occasion’. They gather dust, look pretty, and get looked at every so often! Perhaps influenced by re watching the movie Sideways (well worth a watch by the way!), we thought why not have a nice bottle, just because, and enjoy it for what it is!

So over the last couple of weeks we really got into this thinking and opened a couple of lovely French Pomerols (2005) and just last night, a 2001 Chateau Trotte Vieille Saint Emilion Premier Grand-Cru … beautiful and a great way to round off the sunny long weekend. Not something you do all the time but you know, sometimes the wine itself is the occasion and we REALLY enjoyed them…which is the point I guess!