Book Review ~ Lonely Planet Food Lover’s Guide to the World

A much appreciated Christmas present which I’ve been dipping in and out of since…This is a perfect book for me, combining my two favourite things – food and travel.

Food book

Filled with the most beautiful pictures along with recipes, ingredients, glossaries, etiquette…

It has simply made my list of foods to try and places to visit even longer if that’s possible!

Food Back

Saying that – it is neither a ‘cookbook’ nor a ‘travel book’ – I don’t think I could see myself taking it out to cook from, I have other books for that. Think of this as a really nice coffee table book to browse through, gain inspiration and to enjoy the stunning mouth watering photographs.

The Food Lovers Guide to the Word has an extremely large remit so don’t expect lots of detail. It also references different restaurants to sample the pre described food, with a street address listed but no map (which might have nice for perspective and understanding of where said restaurant is without having to Google map it!)

Despite any of the criticism I truly think is a wonderful book and a great gift for anyone who likes food, travel or both… for the photographs alone, wow!

Food Lovers Guide - Seafood   Food Lovers Guide - Mexico   Food Lovers Guide - Cheese